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CPL 2013 scheduled

The rounds 1-7 of the CPL season 2013 are schedule and online now. You can find it in the CPL section. Also - Carnegies and the league officials agreed to keep up their successful cooperation  - Carnegies will be the official CPL sponsor for the season 2013!!!

Last Updated (Friday, 15 February 2013 05:54)


Interview with Geordie from Badgers

Hi Geordie, how well prepared is your team for the upcoming CPL 2013 season? Last season you guys failed to collect a single point, will it be better this season?

Geordie:  Our team is better prepared, as they have more experience, and the season will be longer allowing people to improve over a longer season. Last season the badgers were getting closer to points and the feeling was if we had had more time we could have gotten points.

Any new players you guys signed? Can you share some more information about your team’s new guys? 

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Interview with Mark from Magpies

Today's interview - Mark Henderson form the Riverside Magpies:



Hi Mark, you are the manager of the new team, the Riverside Magpies. Can you describe in few words how you guys started? Why did you decide to join the CPL?

We decided to join the CPL because there is really no other option in Taipei for people who want to play football, or be involved in any kind of football on a regular basis.


How many players are on your team right now? How is the quality? Can you compete in the CPL?

Last Updated (Saturday, 26 January 2013 00:27)

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Interview with Ari from Celts


Ari, last CPL cup season you surprised everyone with a very good performance and finished 3rd, loosing only on Penalties to the Eagles. What will be your goals this season? Competing for the top spots or just trying to beat teams like Badger and Magpies.

Ari: Most of our players haven't played on the Celts for more than one season.  The success we had at the end of the year has really brought a new group of guys together.  We're all excited for the next season, where we'll definitely be hunting for one of the top spots.  We definitely don't plan on hanging around in at the bottom of the table.


The Spaniards who controlled the center midfield on your team in the last season left to go home – are you able to fill the gap those 3 players left behind?

Last Updated (Tuesday, 29 January 2013 15:30)

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Interview with Lions' Thomas Costa

TaipeiFootball interviewed another CPL member - this time captain of the  returning to the CPL Red Lions FC, Thomas Costa. Enjoy reading:


Thomas, after one year absence, the Lions are back in the CPL – what changed apart the fact that you are the new captain?

Thomas: the fact that the lions didn’t take part in a league for a while brought us a desire to play together again as a team and this affected our performances positively in the bml and hopefully will be the same in the next cpl

How strong is your team? Looking at the BML results, it’s really difficult to beat you and your team is second at the moment, but as we know you are using players from other CPL clubs as well. Can you keep the pace once these players like Ichi, Salah, Edwin, Sunil and Jose are gone?

Last Updated (Wednesday, 23 January 2013 17:26)

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