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Interview with Thomas from Lions

TaipeiFootball was lucky to speak to Thomas Costa, captain of the new CPL Champions Red Lion. Below the interview:

TaipeiFootball: Thomas, congratulation to winning the CPL this year. You took over the Lions more than one year ago and achieved in your first season, what all other captians couldn't do since 2005 - what was your secret?
Thomas: Thanks Rob, the Asahi nites with Mora was the secret..previously they were with Taiwan beers...i guess we built a really solid group that commetted to play as a team and for each other..also we have a really strong squad.

TaipeiFootball: Best defense in the league with only 14 consided goals and that with only 3 defender in several games, how do you explain the fact, that you defend better with 3 defender, than all other teams using 4 defender?
Thomas: 3 defenders doesn't mean we are less i said it is about commitment, the team shares the same ideas, and it s also happier to play this way, which makes things easier. We changed to 3 defenders in the middle of the season because at that point we had the right players for that scheme. The results were positive and the confidence in this new way of playin built up.

TaipeiFootball: Which game would you say was the most difficult for your team this season - which team caused your team the biggest trouble?
Thomas: The derbies with Carnagies and Animals are always the Lions's toughest games

TaipeiFootball: People saying, one should end his carreer if you on the top! Will you step down as a captain or remain on your post for another season?
Thomas: Yes on top is my fav position, if i find some blue pills i ll stay if not, my age wont allow me to perform well and i might take an holiday

TaipeiFootball: Who was the best player in your team during the last past season?
Thomas: Nothing easier, for sure Spartacus was the best!

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