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Interview with Taiwans female National Player - Man Ting Lin

Taipeifootball had the honor to interview one of the best Taiwanese Female National Players - Man Ting Lin. Man Ting is playing in a center back position and is one of the important players in Taiwan's defense block. This interview was done right after Taiwan's County Championship, where Man Ting represented Hualien County and finished second with her team, right behind this year champions - New Taipei City.


Taipepeifootball: You were representing Hualian County in Taiwan County Championsship and finished sesond, behind New Taipei City - are you happy with this result or is it more a disappointing result for your girls?

Man Ting: .很可惜沒有連霸,第一場的表現,自己也沒有調整到最好,因為才結束幾天東亞運,就接全運,疲憊程度很很高,但還是把自己表現最好,到後面大家都硬著跑起來,下半場沒幾分鐘又換上經驗的兩位高中學妹,整個攻擊和防守都不連接,因緊張,一半我們自己在最後幾分鐘沒堅持,一半教練安排人有問題,結局這樣真的很嘔。
Unfortunately we weren't able to defend the title from 2 years ago this time. Due to the fact the many of our players came back from China the week before, where we represented Taiwan at the East Asian Games, it was difficult to organize the team to a unit, plus we were still very tired after this tournament. However, we tried everything to put on a good performance and were fighting until the end. At the end of the second half, after we subbed on two high school girls ,to give them some experience, the link between attack and defense was missing. This last minutes changes disorganized our team tactically, we were not focused enough, we got under pressure, got nervous and lost the game in the end. It's worst possible way to loose a game.

Taipepeifootball: You lost your first game against another top contender for the championship - "New Taipei City" 1:2. You were leading until to the very end of the game but finally lost 1:2 by two goals within of 2-3 minutes - what was the problem.

Man Ting: 防守沒有到位,看著守門員接球,確沒有退回位置幫助手門員,因防守上的失誤,才讓她們得分。
Our defense was just watching the opponent's free kick been blocked by our keeper instead to track back and try to clear the ball, we were simply "sleeping" back there.

Taipepeifootball: Will you be still a part of the Hualian team in two years, fighting for the County Championship again?
Man Ting: 我前兩年沒有比,因我在西班牙,想說給別人機會,今年確沒連霸,怪自己沒有參與,也覺得自己沒有緣份,兩年後,我們一定會再討回來,屬於我們的冠軍。
Two years ago I haven't join it because I was playing in Spain at this time, this year we lost it partially because of me but we will fight for it and win it in two years, and I will be part of this team.

Taipepeifootball: Where do you play football on daily basis, which club or league? Our reader have not much knowledge about Taiwan's female football, can you tell us more about it?
Man Ting: 通常都是跟著自己大學的教練跟國家隊的教練,因為自己學校教練也是在國家對裡,也有足球學校請到日本職業級教練,用他們在日本訓練的教案,來改善我們的觀念,都是比賽中會需要的觀察、移動、行動、無持球者跟持球者要做甚麼,防守,預測等,如果要增進自己,可以來參加教練講息。
Usually I play for my university and the national team. We also train under Japanese professional coach supervision, to improve our positioning, try to learn how to read the game and move into position. We try to learn how to behave during ball possession and how to anticipate the opponents next move when we are not in control of the ball. I also join several football seminars, to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the game.

Taipepeifootball:Who is you favorite player in the world?

Man Ting: 沒有很特別喜歡的球員,只要技術、觀念又很厲害我就會很欣賞。
I don't have any specific player I like, important for me are the players skills and game reading abilities.

Taipepeifootball: And your favortie football club?
Man Ting: Barcelona ,不管是個人和團體真的會讓人覺得怎麼可以那麼輕鬆又很穩的play。
Barcelona, no matter individual players or the whole team as unit, they are one very constant team and play the most composed football.

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