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CPL Cup Competition

With TFC winning against JFC this morning, the CPL finished the league competition and taipeifootball wants to congratulate following teams/poeple:

SHANE FC - for winning their first ever CPL title. Well done boys undefeated champions with only 4 concided goals in 9 games.

FORMOSA CELTS - for winning the fair play trophy. None a single red card and only 4 yellow cards in 9 games - respect!!!

ALEX "PANDA" HOUGHTON - for winning the Golden boot trophy. 10 goals in 9 game - an impressive result

Thanks to everybody for a great season, let's keep it up and have a successful Cup Competition.

The cup games:

Shane FC - OnTap Badgers

Carnegies FC - Formosa Celts

Taipei FC - Japanese FC

Animals - Eagles

Black Stars Daan.

The winner and one "lucky looser" will qualify for the Cup round and the remaining 4 looser will play in the Plate competition for the places 7-10.

1."Lucky looser" is the team who looses with the best goal difference. In case of an equal goal difference of two or more teams, the head-to-head result from the last league competition will be taken into account. In case of a draw, the last league competition's place will decide who is the lucky looser.

2. If there is no winner after 90 minutes, we will go straight to penalty kick, there will be NO EXTRA TIME!!!

3. Suspensions form the league competition will remain.

4. You will be suspended after 2 yellow cards, not like 3 in the League format.

The time schedule for the first round will be announced soon here. If you have any question, feel free to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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