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Foreign Allstars vs TaiPower

感謝大家的到來,當天人數超過1千多人,而我們也募集到了2萬元(14000來自於CPL隊)給兒童福利聯盟會,在這我們也玩的很開心。最後台電以8:2 的成績擊敗了外國明星隊,台電比較好也比較強,大部分的時間也比我們快一些(而我們有時也快一些) ,我們非常感謝台電給我們這個機會 !第二場以2:2結束了這場比賽:),射門得分的是Ali Frost和 Onur Dogan。看著台電戰績和義守(8:0)銘傳(6:0),也許我們下次應該挑戰其他隊。最後十分感謝台電教練和拜訪我們的團隊、美麗島FA球童的幫忙、 ELTA電視台的報導(9/15中午在MOD 170台播出)、Kevin Chiu 的鮮友利果汁卷、全部幫忙佈置場地的人,感謝大家!
Thanks everyone for coming down. We had more than 1000 people in the stadium, collected alomst 20000 NT$ (14k from the CPL teams !!!) for the Charity and had lot of fun. The result TaiPower 8:2 Foreing Allstars. TaiPower was better, fitter and most of the time a little bit quicker than us ( sometimes much quicker). We appreciate the chance they have given us and take the positive out of it - second half ended 2:2 ;) Goals by Ali Frost and Onur Dogan. Looking at the result of Taipower aganst I-shou (8:0) and Ming Quan (6:0) we should probably challenge another team next time. However, big thanks to TaiPower coach and the team for the visit, Formosa FA ball-boys for helping out, ELTA TV for doing the report (broadcasted 15th September on MOD channel 170, noon time), Kevin Chiu from Yuly Juice and all the others who help to setup this huge even! Thank you all!!

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