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Match Reports Taiwan Cup

CPL prediction by Geordie

Please find below the prediction of this weekend's CPL round by Geordie - the Badgers captain.
>disclaimer: All teams and events in this dribble-–even those based on real teams–-are entirely bollocks. All scores are guessed at poorly. The following rant contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone ungeordielike."[
JFC 2 - Shane 0....Seems no doubt that 90 men can beat 10 or 11. But we can never underestimate L'Tommy....Guernseys or jerseys (or some slighly gay paris island....where ever he comes from) french answer to hasslehoff. He has a perm that can dazzle opponents !
Red lions - 1 Black Stars 3..... but if black stars just start fighting each other then red lions 4- black stars 1. Really depends on the their mood, and how late they were in 99 until !! Francois should be ok though, i think he's still banned :)
Eagles 5 - Celts 2 sorry mate, i can see you doing well, but they are scoring for fun these days.
Animals 4 - carnegies 3 - Just dont see it in my mystic ball for Hollands most famous midget in Taiwan, the one and thank god only - Tromp-meister.
Badgers - Magpies........ oh obviously this isnt a match of the bottom of the table so much it is a battle of the Geordie minds. Whichever sides loses, expect horse punching !
I tentitively predict Badgers :) Though i am terribly bias, as well as a gob-shite :)

Foreign Allstars vs TaiPower - VIDEO

Here comes a video provided from the game. 5 minutes footage, not all goals are on it.

Last Updated (Thursday, 27 September 2012 12:12)

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TaiPower the Champions of Taiwan

In the first game on this last round in the 1 Division, Ming Chuan(銘傳大學) beat NSTC (國訓) clear with 5:0. On a very wet pitch  Ming Chuan(銘傳大學) created more chances and looked better organize than NSTC (國訓), which had lot of trouble to keep the shape in the defense.

Tainan City - Hasus 0:2

In the last game Tatung beat Taipower 1:0 and are level on points with Taipower (both 27) but due to the first leg result (Taipower - Tatung 2:0) the team from Gaoshiung is Taiwan's Football Champions 2012! Congratulations!!!


Last Updated (Saturday, 17 November 2012 17:34)


City Fight to the Draw

A single point would be enough to claim a third BML Championship, but against Bulien anything might happen and what a day for a football match! On a waterlogged pitch fit only for crabs, ducks and other wildlife, Taipei City took on an old bete noire in an ugly-tempered game. The weather, pitch and the football were all equally ugly. (The only thing uglier was the refereeing, but that was past ugly!) The first half was a drab affair of punts and high balls in the air. City had two goals disallowed. The first was probably an off-side, but the second, which came from a free-kick and got a headed deflection off a Bulien defender, and which was finished expertly by Luis Mayorga with a chest and volley, was probably not. Anyway, 0-0 at half-time was a fair assessment of the game.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 03 July 2012 13:51)

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City Overcome Toughest Hurdle Yet

As usual against Hong Ming Bulien, Taipei City did not enjoy the best preparation in the critical hour leading up to the kick-off. Several players struggled to arrive in time, but Taipei City still had a good eleven ready to start, and of course an exceptionally strong bench. The 4-4-2 formation comprised Dale Neal in goal; a back line of Ricardo Abrego, Brian McGuinness, Tom Clarke and Mamadi Colley; a midfield quartet of Danny Weir, Oumar Senoussi, Michael Christie and Omar Malcolm; and a front pairing of Brian Fitzpatrick and Neo King. On the bench were Luis Mayorga, Alex Ramirez and Dan Calvert.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 28 March 2012 16:19)

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